Hobby, passion turned into profession. Yes, this is what was done by Ripz the owner of Ripz Tattoo and Piercing. It was established in the year 2008 in Guwahati. Ripz Tattoo and Piercing had come up as a savior for the people of North East India satisfying the ever growing needs and much deserved demands for tattoos and tattoo studios. Ripz can be considered as a pioneer of tattoos in the North East.
Ripz Tattoo and Piercing has its main branch at Guwahati, Assam. But with the growing popularity of tattoos and tattoo parlours, Ripz Tattoo and Piercing has opened up a branch at Jorhat, Assam. It doesn’t confide itself to just making tattoos but also provides training to those who have a dream but doesn’t have the means to fulfill it. Many young males and females got trained under Ripz and are successfully running studios at their respective areas viz. Silchar, Dimapur, Jorhat, Dibrugarh Etc.
Coming to the hygienic factor, Ripz tattoo and piercing maintains utmost hygenicity in inking tattoos and uses the best inking equipment’s and inks which are imported from U.S.A. The needles and the needle tip etc. are completely sterilized with EO Gas and while inking the tattoo, green soap is used to clean it along with Vitamin A & D ointment which restricts bleeding. All the accessories which are used while inking the tattoo are meant for single use only. Even specially imported tissue sheets are used while pad drying the tattoo and the dressing is done with tattoo derm, which is the most effective dressing material for the tattoo.
Tattoo is an expensive business. The colours, kits and everything required is not so easily available. Due to which some tattoo artist restrict themselves to just monochrome tattoos while some do such cost cutting techniques that they land up using fabric colours instead of real tattoo inks. To save people from such disaster and to help those tattoo artists, Ripz Tattoo and Piercing thought of a way and implemented it. Ripz deals with all kinds of tattoo equipment’s and gears. Now things are available and are within the reach.
There is something so wicked, delicious and attractive about sporting a tattoo i.e irrestible. Ripz Tattoo and Piercing caters to permanent, temporary, invisible tattoos and body piercings too.
Every kind of art from simple tribal designs to portraits – you name it, you have it at Ripz Tattoo and Piercing. Body piercing and piercing studs of all kinds are available here. Ripz Tattoo and Piercing can be considered as a one stop shop for all those fashion lovers and trend setters. Tattooing today has become a major business, with all the glitz and glamorous.

So, now “No Goa, No Bangkok, wanna experience your tattoo and piercing safely with pleasure ? Drop into Ripz Tattoo and Piercing workshop”

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