Cheerful, lively and a dedicated artist. Yes seems like me, I am “Bidyut” aka “Vidz”, a tattoo artist of Ripz tattoo & piercing (Jorhat Branch). Tattoo came to me as a gift. It was some freak will of God that Ripz saw some pieces of my art and appreciated that. It was an overwhelming response for me. I was passionate about designing and so I planned of getting into this inking profession. It was a kind of dream come true for me which could never be real. Ripz took charge over my dream to fulfill it. I was soon at Guwahati for my tattoo apprenticeship. After a year of dedicated work and patience, I became a professional tattoo artist. Soon the Jorhat branch of our studio opened up rising an opportunity for me. I was placed there as the tattoo artist. Now it was my time to put my passion for art to test.

To all my past clients, customers and friends, I couldn’t be here without you. I am looking forward to add a new flavor to this already amazing work, Thanks a ton. See you in the chair.