Well I guess it’s important that you know me before you let me know your skin. This is Ripz, owner of Ripz Tattoo & Piercing. The artist in me was always there but realized it only when I went to B’lore for my higher studies. It was then when I came across an advertisement in the newspaper announcing the admission for tattoo course at Bangkok in 2002. Without thinking for a second I prepared to join that and I flew off to relish my dream. After completion of my course, I returned back to India, happy and satisfied to have climbed the 1st step, but climbing the 2nd step was very difficult as I always expected. Fighting with my pent up emotions, I suddenly decided to leave B’lore and I came down to Guwahati with a new zeal and new ambition in my mind of opening up my own studio. Yes, of course it took some time to settle down here. At last I came up with my own studio in 2008. Sitting down in front of a client with my machine ready to bring smile in their face at the end is such a satisfying thing for me. I strive everyday to be the best artist I can be. Especially here in Guwahati, where tattoo is still a new concept, things are not smooth all the times with me. However I have learnt to deal with gossips and tactics. I believe the best representation of a tattoo artist is the word of mouth. A satisfied customer is the best advertiser. The joint work of me and my client in assembling a design is a work of art, I also believe that the clients will like it more and would respect the fact that they will be wearing it forever and appreciate the artistic aspect of it. I am not in a rush to ink a tattoo I put my heart and soul into it and at the same time making it comfortable for my client too.
So, take a sneak peek, check out my works. And for those who have liked my work and my clients who have trusted me in inking their designs into reality, Thanks a ton. Love and respect
“Every day I grow as an artist and as a person and you’re all very special and so is your skin.”